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10 Self-Care Tips That Will Help Change Your Life For Good

Self-care can be defined as the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness. Sometimes, it is also associated with taking care of yourself during periods or stressful times in your life. However, if you honestly believe that Instagram’s take on self-care which involves bubble baths, a scented face mask, regular meditation, is the only way to unwind and take care of yourself, you’re in for a big surprise.

While a combination of those things makes for a lovely weekly self-care routine, sadly it doesn’t work for all of us. Neither does it have long-term benefits in our lives.

In fact, meditation also does not work for everyone and is definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, here are constructive self-care approaches that might help you out. So the next time you’re feeling rather anxious, burnt out, or just want to unwind or de-stress yourself, engage in long-term healthy behaviours that might have a lasting impact. These include:

1. Put your phone on airplane mode sometimes
If you think that parting with your phone might be impossible, then it might be necessary for you. The idea of receiving constant notifications can be draining and extremely exhausting at the same time. Researchers have suggested that switching off your phone or putting it on airplane mode is in a way giving your body permission to shut it all out and live in the moment. See, how that feels like for a change?

2. Drink your water every day.
Sometimes, we overestimate the glasses of water we drink every day. Here’s a handy tip: Every day, aim to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water. Drinking adequate water in a day will improve your life in more ways than one. You will feel productive, your skin will thank you and you will also feel better.

3. Get a good bedsheet for your bedroom.

A good night’s sleep is always a major factor that determines what your next day is going to look like. Investing in feather-soft sheets can make a world of a difference to the quality of sleep that you get in the night. Moreover, a satin pillowcase will also tame your hair frizz at night, so that’s another plus that you get.

4. Make sure to exercise consistently.
We all know how important exercise is to your daily routine for self-care but that doesn’t stop us from ignoring it. Here’s your friendly reminder that moving your body is good for you. Consistent exercise is also associated with healthy brain function. Keeping up with our brain functioning also helps regulate thoughts, emotions, and behaviours on a daily basis. So, if you’re not in the mood for strenuous exercise, simple yoga asanas or a casual walk can also work while listening to calming music in the background.

5. Write your feelings down.
For some reason, writing your feelings down can really help sort things down whenever you’re in a dilemma. If writing is not your jam, you could also get a customised self-care journal that works with brilliant prompts that make the writing process relatively easy.  Focusing on your thoughts, feelings, or simply recalling your day is a great opportunity for self-reflection at the end of the day. If you’re in a particularly stressful situation, writing things down might give you clarity about what’s not working in your life and needs to be worked on.

6. Open a window or step outside for a bit.

Taking in the fresh air at least once a day is also a form of self-care that is crucial. Breathe fresh air by stepping out into the garden or even your balcony. Use all your five senses to connect to the surrounding sights, smells, sounds, and textures around you. This can be a great way to unwind at the end of a busy workday.

7. Set some healthy boundaries with the people you love.
Setting boundaries means holding clear channels of communication with people you love and setting healthy expectations in place. Remember, conflict only leads to elevated stress levels which aren’t good for either your health or your skin. While we acknowledge that setting these boundaries is easier said than done with loved ones, it’s always a work in progress situation.

8. Buy back your time.

If there are aspects of your life that demand your time which is tiring you out in the long run. It’s probably worth considering options that might help relieve those time slots. It could be cooking time, laundry time or even doing the dishes. If there is anything that can be taken off your plate to make your schedule lighter, you should go ahead and make that change in your life. Splurging on these aspects is also a form of self-care that can give your some necessary me-time for yourself. So get that dishwasher, or ask for help, and see how light you feel afterwards.

9. Add a consistent CTM skincare regime to your daily routine
CTM consists of cleansing, toning, and moisturising for the skin. This is a standard skincare routine that helps cleanse your skin and gives it a glow in the long run. Starting with cleansing your face with a face wash, then gently tone your face and finish the routine by adding an emollient moisturised to the mix. This routine only works if your practice it daily.

10. Add dietary supplements to your eating routine.
Dietary supplements fill in the gap and fill in for the nutrients you might be not getting otherwise. It’s always smart to introduce supplements to your diet that have multiple benefits. One such dietary supplement out there, that has more than one essential benefits is the Hi Life silica drops. You can add these drops to a glass of water or your evening green tea and enjoy its benefits. From being a collagen-boosting supplement, this multi-tasker also strengthens your hair and your bones and boosts your immunity as well.

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