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You Should Try These 6 Skincare Routines for Better Skin


The modern world has redefined beauty & skin, and women are measured against unrealistic beauty standards of looking flawless, unblemished, and without nary a wrinkle in sight, all spic and span.

Beauty should be fun, it shouldn’t leave you in tears unsure of yourself and to all the women out there don’t fall for these fictitious ideals of beauty. Your beauty is what you define it to be, it should be about taking good care of yourself and about enjoying the process. Here are 6 skincare Routines, for making you feel like the queen you are. 

Everybody is unique

Every skin is unique & when it comes to skincare, don’t follow the standard template since what suits you might not necessarily suit another. Likewise, skin types can be broadly classified into oily, normal, dry, combination, sensitive & acne-prone skin. And it is important to know what skin type you are because different skin types need a different regime & products.

Identify your skin type, before you choose products, this can help you achieve better results & can save time & money. But, how do you identify your skin type? It’s simple, look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see, is your skin dry and flaky or shiny and oily. Similarly, observe your skin throughout the day at regular intervals and journal your findings, this can help you narrow down on your skin type. Once, you are sure about your skin type, then choose your products based on that and remember beauty is personal.


 Although every skin type needs different products, the fundamental steps remain the same with cleansing, tonner, under eye cream, moisturizer, face oil & sunscreen, with crucial elements being moisturizer and sunscreen. Moisturizer helps hydrate and seal in all good active ingredients giving you plump dewy skin. And sunscreen helps protect you from the sun’s harmful UV & UVB rays, known to cause premature ageing. So never forget to apply moisturizer and sunscreen. Similarly, it’s equally important to have a night-time skin regime. It’s the same as your daytime regime minus the sunscreen and has amazing benefits. It helps you unwind from a long day, and night-time skincare concentrates more on healing and anti-ageing, so it is really good for the skin. But if you feel it’s not worth the effort, just wash your face and apply a moisturizer and don’t stress over it.

Pamper session 101

Every week take time for yourself, grab a glass of wine, exfoliate & put a face mask on. It can help you de-stress and also work wonders for your skin. Exfoliation is essential for skin, it helps remove the build-up of dead skin cells on the face that causes dullness, acne & irritation, which in turn gives you a natural radiance. Similarly apply a face mask once a week, it can restore and brighten skin & is an excellent source of hydration. Also, it can be a fun activity once a week to unwind & relax. 

Don’t stress & be groovy

Skincare is all about having fun, so if you’re daunted by all the steps and products out there, just start simple & have small goals. Like, choose a moisturizer you like, that suits your skin type & is easy on the pocket, build it up from there. Similarly, you don’t have to follow all the steps religiously, just pick and choose what suits you and remember to have fun with the process. 


Health matters, especially for women, and this should be your fundamental mantra to follow. The healthier you are, the better your skin will look and feel. To be the best version of yourself, drink lots of water, sleep well & eat a well-balanced nutritional diet. Without your vitamins, minerals & omega-8, your skin will not get better no matter what products you put on it.

To reiterate, drinking water gives you a boost of hydration from the inside, increasing skin elasticity & giving you radiant supple skin. It’s not just hydrating moisturizers that help you out, sometimes just plain water will do. Similarly, sleeping helps rejuvenate and renew. It’s during sleep that your body heals, so make sure you get eight hours of sleep daily. Aside from this eat well, make sure you don’t skip meals, proportion properly, and eat your veggies. Remember a Healthier you is a better you. 

Be a little extra

Although you might be taking the best care of your skin & body, sometimes it just needs something more, like a supplement. Your best bet is our Silica Drops – Advanced Collagen Booster, It’s a natural collagen booster for younger, brighter skin. In this mineral supplement, Silica is highly concentrated, readily absorbed, ionized, and guaranteed to be 100% bioavailable along with Magnesium, Manganese, Sodium, and Lithium.

Silica has a range of positives, it helps rebuild collagen, increases skin elasticity, reduces fine lines, and gives you younger, brighter-looking skin. Apart from that, it helps increase bone mineral density and strength, therefore increasing immunity, giving you great hair & nails. It also helps to balance calcium and magnesium, which in turn help in hormone balancing. Silica also is a strong carrier of oxygen, oxygenates & brightens skin, and has anti-ageing properties.

Our Silica Drops – Advanced Collagen Booster is one of the best natural collagen supplement on the market, and it is very easy to use. Just add a few drops to a glass of water or your morning drink to enjoy its benefits and for healthy skin. 


To all the women out there, just do you, you are worth much more than these unidealistic standards of beauty. And, the universal truth is everybody ages, everyone gets wrinkles, acne, etc. and it shouldn’t be the reason for your insecurities.

Beauty should not make you a prisoner, it should boost you up, encourage and invigorate you, and it is your choice to make. So, just take care of yourself, don’t obsess over that one pimple, have a fun skincare routine, pamper yourself & make time for a healthy lifestyle. And there is no miracle cure to look young indefinitely, all you can pursue to achieve is to protect your skin, enjoy the process of it, and age with dignity & grace and for that little extra help, we have for you our Silica Drops – Advanced Collagen Booster.

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