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7 Clever Tips To Take Your Skincare Routine To The Next Level

The first step for maintaining good skin is creating a personalized skincare routine. An ideal skincare routine will have at least three steps, CTM which expands to the following: cleanse, tone, and moisturise. Now, when you’re setting up a skincare routine, your skin will also have its own issues that will need extra work and therefore more steps that will be a part of your custom-made skincare routine. But knowing how to upgrade your skincare regime can really help make your skin feel and look better in significant ways.

If you think that your current skincare routine is just not enough, here are some pro tips to take it up a notch.

1. Incorporate Supplements That Complement Your Skincare Routine

Maintaining a skincare routine that you follow religiously is the bare minimum that you can do for your skin. Incorporating supplements that boost skin cell growth from within gives you an additional advantage. One of the best skin supplements out there that you can add to your beauty stash is Hi Life’s advanced collagen boosting silica drops. These potent drops come in a highly concentrated, ionized, 100% bioavailable formula designed to halt the aging process by enabling collagen production in the skin. You can easily get the Hi Life advanced collagen boosting silica drops online on our website.

2. Stop Using Scented Products Once And For All

It’s important that you start establishing a clear distinction between skincare and fragrances, fragranced products rarely ever give you the kind of benefits that you get from skincare products that focus on just making your skin look and feel better. In fact, scented products may do you more harm than good. As wonderful as it is to have a product with a lovely scent, it can be one of the top stressors for your skin making your skin feel irritated and weird. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, fragrances are one of the prime causes of allergic reactions on the skin leading to a whopping 5.7 million physician visits every year. There is, however, a tiny percentage of fragrance even in fragrance-free products to make the product not smell like raw-chemicals, but it is usually less than one percent. So, look out at the back skin labels of products accordingly before you buy any skincare products.

3. Invest In A Battery-Operated Cleanser For A Thorough Face Wash
Dermatologists always stress over the fact that we don’t cleanse our faces the right way. It is recommended to cleanse the face before we hit the bed, and the best way forward is by using a gentle, battery-operated brush. A brush is far more effective than our hands in weeding out all the gunk, oil, and other residue stuck in the skin. When you’re using this brush on your face, it wiggles out all the dirt that is stuck pore-deep.

4. Start Using SPF Every Time You Step Out
This is not new information and it might seem preachy at this point but unless you swear by this rule, you need to hear it one more time. Stepping out without a layer of sunscreen exposes your skin to the harmful UV rays which can cause sunburns, fine lines and even fasten the aging process. In fact, a study featured on CNN found that daily use of sunscreen stalls signs of aging by four years at least.

5. Use A Gentle Cleanser
The kind of cleanser that you wash your face every day makes all the difference. A whole range of cleansers from the oil-free category can, in fact, do more harm than good. These cleansers instantly strip the skin of all-natural oils, which triggers excess oil production of the skin which might lead to breakouts. This is why you should find a gentle cleanser that helps restore your skin’s natural balance.

6. Switch To A Chemical Exfoliant
Unlike physical exfoliators like apricot-based exfoliators, chemical exfoliants are, in fact, more gentle. In fact, physical exfoliants cause more damage to the skin by irritating the pores. A good chemical exfoliant will have AHAs or BHAs in the ingredients’ list, which gently weed out the dead skin cells.

7. Always Clean Your Makeup Brushes After Use

If you don’t clean your makeup brushes, you make them the perfect ground for breeding bacteria which will then go on your face when you apply makeup using these brushes. As a rule of thumb, always use clean brushes on your face when applying makeup so you don’t expose your skin to all the unwanted bacteria that you could have easily avoided.

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