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A Guide To All The Dos and Don’ts of Going Commando For The First Time

Your choice of nightwear is an incredibly personal recourse. While some women toss and turn in bed without their undies, others prefer going commando. By “going commando,” we mean not wearing any underwear at all.

The slang has origins from the time when elite soldiers were trained to be on their toes at all times. They were ready to put up a fight at a moment’s notice. So not wearing underwear, in popular culture, translates to being ready—without any pesky panties in the way.

But going commando can be an extremely liberating experience. You’ll feel more comfortable and ‘at home’ when you’re wearing loose and breezy clothes. This is perhaps the reason why people prefer wearing PJs and boxers at home.

Another plus of going commando is the fact that good airflow from going commando can stop the moisture from being stuck inside, the latter changes the vaginal pH, an unwanted consequence that promotes yeast or bacterial growth.

However, going commando can also prove to be a bad move when done in the wrong circumstances. In fact, one should know the basics of when it’s okay to bare it all (internally) and when it’s not. So, here’s a guide to the DOs and DON’TS of going commando.

Do try it when you get a yeast infection.

When you get a yeast infection or the thrush, you might want to ditch the panties for a pair of breezy boxers instead. Bacteria tend to thrive in dark and moist places. By not wearing a pair of undies, you’ll actually lower the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria or the growth of the ones causing the infection. However, if you want to prevent yeast infections in the future, you need a better arsenal in your stash. After all, it is not practical to go commando all the time.

So, instead, get an intimate wash and an intimate hygiene spray. Together, they can help you protect your vagina from all kind of infections all year round. While a gentle intimate wash can be used in the shower, for the rest of the day, you can get the Hi Life intimate hygiene spray. You can use it whenever you feel itchy down there or when you clean up post peeing amid the day. With a 100% alcohol-free formula, this vaginal spray kills 99.9999% of germs. It also provides assured relief from itching, rashes and lastly, keeps the pH balanced of the vagina balanced. Moreover, the Hi Life intimate hygiene spray can protect your lady bits from all kinds of infections ranging from a bad case of thrush to recurrent UTIs.

DO give it a shot at night.
There are undeniable benefits to giving your ladybits a little breathing room, but you’ll only experience them if you give it a shot. Among the benefits, we know that yeast and bacteria thrive in dark, moist places. So, if you have a bad case of yeast infections, going commando for a short period can really help. In fact, the best time to do it is perhaps in the right. Skip the underwear at night, and see how you feel about it in the morning.

DON’T worry about discharge.

Some people view vaginal discharge as not normal, when in fact, it signals towards a healthy vagina. So, stop worrying about your discharge. However, your discharge does have the potential of staining what you’re wearing down there. This is perhaps why regularly worn briefs have prominent stains on them. In order to protect your clothes from discharge, you can simply wear an adhesive patch, otherwise known as panty lining. It can be easily worn with PJs as well if you’re going commando. The key is to place it cleverly at a spot on the fabric that will be in contact with the vagina all night.

Don’t replace panties with a thong.
Some people tend to wear a thong instead of panties when they get an infection or rashes down there. It is also the preferred choice of intimate clothing for the beach when chances of a public display of your briefs are ten times more.

What people don’t realise is that thongs might make things worse. While thongs can eliminate rashes caused by friction and panty line dents, they also have the potential of carrying bacteria from the rectal area towards the vagina or the urethra, therefore increasing the chances of a vaginal infection. If you have an infection down there, going commando is a better alternative any day.

DON’T over-wash your clothes.
Sometimes people believe that washing clothes ‘thoroughly’ can make them infection-free. That’s just simply not true. In fact, with over washing chances of detergent sticking to your clothes post-wash are more. We all know how dangerous contact with a detergent-leaden-surface and the vagina can prove to be. Instead, opt for mild detergents—whether you wear panties or not. You can choose detergents that are fragrance-free, and dye-free to wash your undies.

DO try it post hair removal down there.

Not just for the vaginal skin, but even for the hair follicles around the vagina, going commando can else ease down the inflammation and irritation subsequently caused by hair removal. This can especially help if you’re prone to acne after waxing or razor burns post a shaving session. It is advisable to wear cotton undies after these procedures or skip undies altogether.

DO change out of damp clothes ASAP.
Anytime you’ve wet your clothes accidentally, be it post a visit to the beach or even getting wet in the rain for that matter, change out of those damp clothes ASAP. Damp can also refer to your gym gear post-workout. Get rid of that by getting into the shower right after. Wearing them for long is a thriving ground for bacterial growth and rashes, it’s practically an invitation for an impending disaster.

DO it when it makes sense
It does not always make sense to go commando, situations like a heavy period day, stepping out for a day-long engagement while wearing a skirt, or maybe even a long trek for that matter. These situations might heighten your risk of exposure to all sorts of germs for your vagina.

However, we understand that going commando can be sometimes all we want to do during our period when the level of irritation goes up as days progress. A simple solution to this problem is buying pads that are so soft that you don’t even have to consider other alternatives. The Hi Life organic pads are made from GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton sourced from Texas. They are so soft and yet so breathable that you won’t even realise you’re wearing them when you are on your period. You can buy them online on the Hi Life website today.

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