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Benefits of Exercising During Periods

For most women, those five days of periods mean hitting the pause button to their regular life. With fitness and health becoming a priority for most, exercising is something that has become an integral part of routines. But, if you are someone who feels that exercise needs to be put on hold, then let us tell you that there are more pros than cons for it. Another important thing to keep in mind is that with the availability of organic cotton sanitary pads with honeycomb structure you can now exercise to your heart’s content without the fear of leaks. 

So, don’t let those cramps affect your exercise regime, and take out your exercise gear to enjoy these benefits that you will reap. 

Why Exercise During Periods?

Contrary to most speculations and beliefs, the physical and mental benefits of exercising don’t hit the pause button every time you encounter your menstrual cycle. There are plenty of women out there who feel that sticking to normal workout routines will cause them more pain and discomfort.  This becomes more obvious because of the lack of long pads with wings that can help them release their fear of staining. 

Generally as well during your monthly cycles, women tend to feel a little lethargic due to the drop in the levels of progesterone and estrogen. All the more, it is necessary to remain active and exercise. 

Ride the PMS Away: Periods and PMS are almost synonymous to each other. In fact, the mental block and fear surrounding the Premenstrual Syndrome are pretty deafening. One of the biggest benefits of staying religious towards your exercise regime is to keep the blues of PMS away. 

Release those Happy Hormones: If you’re happy and you know it, its endorphins! Endorphins are known as the happy hormone that is responsible for elevating your mood and keeping you happy. One reason for being tense is the constant fear of staining and leakage, and with the help of the best sanitary pads for heavy flow due to double airlaid technology, you can forget about the staining. Along with being the chief happiness officer, endorphins also act as a natural painkiller. 

Regulate those irregularities: At times, one of the most common complaints that women have is the irregularity of their periods. Most of the discomfort is caused due to the uncertainty of when the periods will strike. With the help of regular exercises, you can get your periods back on track almost naturally. 

With women becoming more cautious about their sanitary health and hygene, the awareness towards buying biodegradable sanitary pads online has increased. The Hi Life rash-free sanitary pads have become a premium name in creating pads for sensitive skin in India, that can help them stick to their fitness regime. Stay fit, stay flexible with the help of the Hi Life organic cotton sanitary pads

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