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Difference between Panty Liners and Sanitary Pads

That white long thing with wings on either side that sticks so easily to our underpants and is often used during our menstrual cycle, you recognize it? Of course you do! A sanitary pad has certainly been an absolute go to not just for you but for every woman around you. Now if I were to ask you whether you are familiar with a similar pad, only much smaller than this one, you probably may or may not be aware about it. If you are, you’ll probably learn much more from this and if you are not, well yay for you because you are about to discover some real treasure! 

Panty liners are much smaller, thinner and equally absorbent that can be your perfect companion for mild everyday discharges like vaginal discharge or that post coitus. They are not a substitute per say for sanitary pads because they are not capacitated enough to arrest and hold such heavy discharges and flow as those of periods. However, panty liners can come in handy even when you are on your menses. You’ll probably wonder how come, especially since I just mentioned that the panty liners primarily have functions separate from that of a sanitary pads for periods. It is so because for the period just before and after your period, we don’t wear a pad but wearing panty liners can help us prevent any staining of our clothes. 

A perfect go-to escape, isn’t it?! The absolute basics that a panty liner comes in handy in your everyday life are:

The white discharge

Ladies, you must have often noticed a white discharge in your underpants, maybe even today. That discharge is commonly known as vaginal discharge and often leads to unhygienic conditions in our underpants. To keep it in check, many girls and women world over wear it to keep hygiene in check and avoid various infections like yeast infection apart from itchiness and burning sensation. 

Oopsy leakages

Many women often due to medical conditions lose control of their bladder which may lead to slight urinal leakages causing damp and unhygienic conditions in your underpants. In fact it can occur during any sports activities like running and swimming or even activities like laughing and sneezing. Wearing panty liners can help you avoid this and maintain healthy, fresh and hygienic conditions. 

Every day freshness 

When we wear panty liners every day, we manage to keep any dampness due to discharge or other accumulations in our underpants. Due to this, our skin has so much space to breathe and can be much more healthy by staying super fresh and healthy.

Panty liners are literally a go-to thing for many women when it comes to female hygiene and the uses we just discussed help explain it further. Apart from these everyday requirements, there are numerous other miscellaneous reasons as to why you should always have panty liners handy. Fans of panty liners even go to the extent to say “we don’t even leave our home without a liner in our bags” or “not a day goes by when I don’t use a panty liner”. Want to know other reasons that make panty liners so dear to them? Let’s dive into those reasons one by one:

Discharges post-coitus

Discharge post-coitus is an involuntary discharge that can produce unhygienic conditions in your underpants that can lead to various harmful diseases that may or may not be cured in a short span. Wearing panty liners on the other hand can very easily absorb this discharge and help you avoid any medical difficulties, hassle-free!

Camel toe 

Whenever we wear tights, leggings or even gym stretchy or sweat pants, you must have seen the inner seams of your pants clinging to our skin. This highlights our cameltoe and many of us end up feeling nervous or uncomfortable about it. If we wear panty liners, our skin doesn’t stick to our pants and hence, camel toe, no more!

Staining pre and post periods

We can never be sure about when our periods are going to happen. However, as soon as we sense that we can have our period any day now we live in continuous apprehension to watch out for it. Wearing a pad isn’t very comfortable but panty liners are the best thing to stick by in those days. 

But there is a catch when it comes to panty liners. Panty liners are very different from sanitary pads because we should always wash our hands before and after putting them on. Also, you should keep changing your panty liners every 4-6 hours so as to avoid over-accumulation of discharge. Then, another important thing to keep in mind is to not wear it while sleeping at night because your skin needs some time to breathe for staying healthy. Lastly, go for organic cotton panty liners, they are best suited for all the purposes while helping you avoid all the infections and risks.

Keeping your health and hygiene in mind, we bring to you 100% organic panty liners made up of cotton from Hi Life. They have a micro-perforated bottom which is made of air-laid technology, which makes them absolutely breathable for your skin. It facilitates locking in all the moisture that makes you feel fresh all day long. It is feather-soft and ultra-thin which makes it fit to be worn all day, every day!

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