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Here’s How You Can Safely Take Off Your Mask In Public Without Risking Your Health

In 2021, it has somewhat become an unspoken rule to wear masks at all times whenever we step out. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention otherwise known as CDC recommends wearing a mask that fits snugly over your face and covers your mouth and nose at the same time. While these rules seem to be abundantly clear to all of us by now, it’s the thought of taking the mask off in public that triggers stress and anxiety for most people.

Considering, most workplaces have started resuming work, and people have started stepping out more often, we know that at some point the mask will have to come off during the day. It could be for multiple reasons, to eat food, drink water, or simply to take a breather. If you need to remove them for any of these reasons, these are the steps to follow to make sure you’re safe.

1. Ideally, you should step outside to a less-crowded area with minimal traffic so you can practice safe social distancing while taking off the mask. While outside, with the mask on, one has to mind 6 feet of distance, but with the mask off, keep in mind to stay at least 12 feet away from other people.

2. While your mask is off, be careful to not touch your face with dirty hands. Sanitise your hands first if you wish to touch your face. If you’re washing your hands,  make sure to spend 20-30 seconds while washing your hands with soap and water.

3. A rule of thumb is to always carry a separate bag to store the mask when you take off the mask in public. This is better than keeping your mask on surfaces where you risk exposure to various viruses.

Tips for managing anxious feelings while wearing/ taking off the mask

If you find yourself stressed about wearing the mask for too long, it always helps to remind yourself that you can take mask breaks from time to time. With the rules listed above, you can safely take off your mask outside and relieve the stress during the day.

While, wearing a mask might be unsettling as it is a tangible symbol of the ongoing pandemic and all the terrible things caused by it, wearing a mask keeps you and people around you safe, so really, your health can be in your control.

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