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How Seed Cycling Can Benefit Your Period Cycle

Seed cycling is an alternative medicine ritual that is believed to help regulate reproductive hormones. It
is a treatment that has origins in naturopathy for hormonal imbalances like irregular periods, acne,
PCOS, and infertility. Someone who practices seed cycling takes different combinations of seeds for each
phase of the menstrual cycle. For example, they eat a tablespoon each of flax seeds and pumpkin seeds
every day for the first 14 day period of the cycle which is also known as the follicular phase. In this
phase, follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinising hormone trigger an increase in the production of
Now, a tablespoon size serving of sesame and sunflower seeds each for days 14–28 is given in the luteal
phase, when the uterus prepares for an egg to be fertilised.

Understanding Our Period Cycle Better
Two vital hormones ebb and flow throughout the month: estrogen and progesterone. While, estrogen
peaks during your follicular phase (i.e., when you ovulate), and progesterone peaks during your luteal
phase (i.e., when you menstruate). While these hormonal fluctuations are considered to be totally
normal, an elevated level of fluctuations leads to cramps, mood swings, pimples, irregular periods, and
even a rather heavy flow.

What Causes These Elevations?
While in regular cycles hormones are ideally balanced, they are affected by things like stress, toxins,
poor diet, digestive issues, and large amounts of coffee and alcohol on the regular. Now, some of these
factors are simply beyond our control. This is perhaps why it is worth giving the seed cycle a shot.

How Do Seeds Affect Your Body?
Seeds like flax, pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower all contain a kind of fiber called lignan, which, if
metabolised, is believed to have an effect on your hormones by either eliminating excess estrogen or
boosting estrogen levels in your body. The idea is to strategically use these seeds to temper hormonal
shifts in the cycle, so you can balance your PMS symptoms.

How To Start Seed Cycling?
In case you’re wondering, count day 1 of your cycle from the first day when your period begins. Now,
days 1 through 14 of your cycle come under the follicular phase. During this phase, as we said before the
estrogen levels peak as an egg matures and prepares for ovulation.
Ovulation typically occurs on day 14 for women with a 28-day cycle. In this time, the egg is released.
Next day on day 15 ideally, your uterus enters the luteal phase. The now-empty follicle produces more
progesterone and helps thicken your uterine lining to prepare for a potential pregnancy. Now, you get
the drift of this, if your egg is not fertilised, you will get your period. So, follow these steps:

1. Eat Pumpkin And Flax Seeds From Days 1 Through 14
From the first day of your period, start eating 1 to 2 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seeds and raw
pumpkin seeds, every day till day 14. Besides other benefits, they also provide fiber to support healthy
estrogen metabolism. Seeds are also rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients, like zinc and selenium,
which are the building blocks that help stabilise your hormones.

2. Eat Sesame Seeds Or Sunflower Seeds During The Luteal Phase From Days 15 Through 28
Post ovulation, and after day 15 of your cycle, switch up the routine by starting eating 1 to 2
tablespoons of fresh ground sunflower and sesame seeds. The peak in progesterone is responsible for
easing unwanted PMS symptoms like bloating, mood swings, and insomnia that these seeds are
supposed to work on and bring under control.

3. How To Manage Irregular Flow In Midst Of This Process
While seed cycling is not a sure-fire way to fix your period woes, it’s definitely a step in the right
direction. However, it’s no magic potion that works overnight. It takes a disciplined approach to
consume daily seeds to kick start its benefits. Meanwhile, if you experience an abnormally heavy flow
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