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Importance of masks in the wake of Omicron

By now Covid-19 doesn’t need an introduction is one thing we have all understood. And boy did its new variant welcome us to 2022 with a bash?! Amidst the scare of this rampant hike in cases of Omicron, we are striding along, this time only much faster and cautious of the sensitive conditions it can produce. We have adapted through different variants and waves of the pandemic as if they are like different seasons of life.

This past one year or so in particular has demanded changes that have to do everything with the choices we make everyday. Everything from the way we go out, dress up, meet and greet our loved ones. And ofcourse with every latest happening changes what we wear and how. Masks have now become such an integral part of our clothing that you’ll often notice people accessorizing their outfits with it.

Amidst the onset of the newest wave of the Covid -19 pandemic, various advisories have been issued. The latest development especially for the lifestyle topics since we are on it happens to be for the face masks category. There’s a desperate need to upgrade your face masks from the surgical masks or the cloth ones that most of us mostly wear around every day. The hysteria circling face masks is definitely not something you and I are unaware of.

News channels, media, healthcare facilitators and even our state chief ministers and prime ministers have all been coming forth to discuss just how important this piece of cloth on our face can be. What has made it important is that all the waves and variants of the Covid-19 pandemic that come up barely leave any time to do thorough research and get insights into anything.

The lack of time and resources then further depletes the available resources in paucity, all of which culminates in a panic gripping the general populace followed by fear and what not. What we know about Omicron so far is the extremely high transmission rate with which it spreads around with no indications about how severe the infection can be and how it can impact our health like the Delta variant did as we saw during the second wave.

Having learnt enough about the variant and that we should go about making little changes in everyday life, the question that comes to mind is HOW? How do we go about things relevant to controlling Covid like face masks. The thing with face masks is that we need to get a complete do over in sense that we need to get better, more efficient masks. What matters here is the thickness, fitting, size and a few such variations.

Medical organizations worldwide have emphasised to move to use only the N95 and FFP2 kinds. You can very easily find these on stores around you and ofcourse, keeping social distancing in mind it is always ideal to find online ways to buy these. Another important thing to keep in mind when buying a new face mask is to get very well-fitting face masks that cover everything from your nose to your chin.

Wearing double layers of masks is often a better alternative as well since it provides a much higher and better protection from the virus. The fitting here, as we discussed earlier is the most important aspect since any leakages here and there make you very vulnerable to catching the virus and defeat the entire purpose of wearing the mask altogether. Hence, a full coverage is very important.

Some important pointers from medical professionals that can go a long way to help prevent are:

  • Whenever you put on or take off your face mask, never touch it other than holding it from its strings.
  • Change your masks as often as possible. Also, to curb harm to the environment, try to use reusable masks and wash them after every use to avoid anything accumulating on its surface.
  • Discard surgical masks after a single use itself. They are not made for multiple uses and doing so makes you much more prone to catching Covid.
  • Try to destroy a mask when you are discarding it. This helps to prevent environmental hazard and harm to marine life as the entire mask tends to choke them.
  • Never spray a sanitizer over your face mask! Always and I cannot stress this enough but always discard your face mask.
  • Never share masks even with your nearest and dearest ones. This is for both medical as well as hygienic purposes.
  • Keep your face mask in a clean, separate space by not exposing it to any unwanted germs or viruses.

Having discussed an all-round approach about face masks, get some no? Get perfect face covering, quality and aesthetics with Hi Life’s face masks. In the economic range of face masks, you can literally get the best deal out for yourself with the superior 5-layer protection. The ultimate USPs of Hi Life KN95 and FFP2 masks are its

  • Anti-bacterial double melt-blown filter layers
  • Anti-particle hot wind cotton filter layer
  • Fluid-resistance: water resistant
  • Reusable upto 7 days

An ultra-refined breath is an absolute promise that comes with the softness and lightness that you won’t feel. These masks also provide extensive protection from PM 2.5 particles. Hi Life KN95 and FFP2 masks help shield you from smog and other pollution emissions, dust particles, pollen grains, aerosols apart from the deadly viruses like Covid-19 and its numerous variants.

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