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Master Class on Intimate Hygiene Care

The master class on Intimate Hygiene Care conjointly held by Miss India Org & Hi Life provided important insights into intimate care and feminine wellness. As a pathfinder and pioneer, Sanjiv Nischal talked about his extensive and thoroughgoing research, highest commitment to serve women and greatest ambition to build a global brand rooted in Indian soil. He went on to elucidate the never-before-seen product technology, founded upon Essential Wisdom gleaned from conversing with hundreds and hundreds of Women across borders as well as scores of world-class Professionals in the domains of Science, Beauty & Wellness, Nutrition & Healthcare. He expounded his compassionate approach to enabling finest experiences for women by making available boundary-pushing, entirely safe, evidently effective products produced responsibly using first-rate ingredients, and turning everyday affairs into smooth sailing in doing so. He was meaningfully supported by speaker and life coach Sonali Gupta, who also spoke about her personal experiences of past discomfort and present-time relief brought about by the use of Hi Life luxury essentials. She contributed purposefully to the live interaction, by bringing, among other things, life-informed perspective into the conversation around feminine wellbeing. She successfully brought to the attention of all female partakers the ripple effect of poor lifestyle choices and intimate hygiene on their bodies from head to ovaries – in other words, psychological, physical & reproductive health.

Each of the Top 31 State Winners of Femina Miss India 2020 made sincere inquiries to get to the bottom of the significance, utility, and safeness of Hi Life offerings. All of their questions were answered convincingly, by the well-equipped founder. The keen joiners of the virtual meet held discussions about, inter alia, Organic Period Pads, Intimate Hygiene Spray, Advanced Collagen Booster Silica Drops, Multi-layered Protective Masks, which make up the initial range of self-care essentials by Hi Life. By the end of the session stretching over two hours, having talked about the sacredness of vagina, delicateness of vulva, harms of common ways of intimate care (including but not limited to soaps & fragrance-filled washes) & menstrual hygiene (havoc-wreaking synthetic pads), and necessity of the newly-introduced technology (tested, verified & accredited by international bodies), all participants were enthused and ready to be the change we need to see coming about. Their ‘enhanced’ readiness, for spreading awareness, leading transformative shifts, powering & accelerating Shevolution, was naturally striking.

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