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The Harmful Effects of Collagen Loss

If you look at your body closely there are a number of building blocks that make it up. Since cells are the first building blocks of the body, we tend to oversee the importance of yet another protein which is by far considered the most important and plentiful. 

Collagen is the primary protein and component that provides structure to your skin and also ensures that blood clotting takes place when you get hurt. One-third of your body protein is made up of collagen. Derived from the Greek word “kolla” which actually means glue, in all reality, collagen acts as the glue that holds things together. 

During youth, our body produces good levels of collagen due to which we face no challenges whatsoever. However, as soon as we hit the age of 30, our body reduces the production of collagen, which is why opting for a collagen booster becomes mandatory. One of the primary things that one notices with the loss of collagen is the signs of aging. 

There are people who assume that the loss of collagen can only happen in a natural way, however, the reality is that external factors like exposure to pollution, UV rays, and our personal lifestyle choices also quicken the loss of collagen.  We know that irrespective of the reason, the loss of collagen takes place. However, let us take a closer look at some of the harmful effects that are witnessed due to the loss of collagen.

What Collagen loss does to your body? 

Increasing Skin Woes: Collagen acts as one of the firmest repair agents for our skin. It is collagen that provides firmness and structure to it as well. Over the years, as the production of collagen decreases or slows down, one of the first effects are seen in our skin getting dehydrated and thinner. This eventually leads to signs of aging in the skin. The easiest way to curb skin issues is to use natural beauty collagen.

Rickety Brittle Bones: Collagen for bones and skin is vital because it helps to keep their structure intact. As and when the level of collagen starts depleting, it immediately affects our bones.  Collagen depletion leads to a decrease in the minerals that are needed to keep our bones strong in shape. 

Discomfort in Joints: One of the biggest signs that can be seen as a result of collagen depletion is painful joints. As we age, the smooth movement of joints starts to diminish, and as a result of this every time we move our joints we experience pain and discomfort. This happens to be one of the most concerning side effects of collagen loss. In order to ease the discomfort, one can use the best collagen supplements for joints as well. 

Muscular Mobility: A decrease in collages generally means a direct impact on our muscle structure. Collagen acts as a tissue that acts as a muscle binder and helps in their strong functioning. The gradual decrease in collagen leads to this ultimate sign of aging that results in affecting muscle mobility and balance.

Our body is no less than a machine that tends to slow down over the years. It is up to us to make sure that we take care of ourselves and reduce all those factors that can lead to slowing us down.  Making the use of the collagen supplements found in India can visibly reduce all these signs of collagen loss. 

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