Red Dot.

We are also making sincere efforts to further the Red Dot initiative to contain the exposure of sanitary workers and waste pickers to a slew of health hazards.

Each of our organic period pads is packed in a biodegradable bag marked with a Red Dot for Easy and Safe Disposal.

The Red Dot Awareness

Kicked off by Pune’s SWaCH waste pickers’ cooperative and PMC, the Red Dot program is aimed at improving the way we dispose of sanitary waste.

It is to sensitize people to the problems faced by waste pickers who, perforce, need to handle this waste. It exposes them to multiple deadly pathogens, including E. Coli and Salmonella. Besides, it undermines the dignity of labour in addition to harming the environment.

To put a full stop to the problem, people are exhorted to securely wrap their sanitary waste in a paper marked with a red dot.

Reviving Planet.

We are making our positive contribution to the shared view of a better planet by planting more trees.

Raising People.

We firmly believe that education is central to nurturing better humans. We support the education of children from families with limited means.