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Your Ultimate Guide to Yeast Infections & How To Beat Them

Yeast infections are more common than you might think. In fact, women can easily access over-the-counter medications for yeast infections easily today, then why are we so afraid to talk about these infections or treat them for that matter? Owing to that, here’s is a comprehensive guide to yeast infections that will help you identify them and treat them if need be.

Why Yeast Infections Occur?

Yeast infections have more just one possible cause. Contrary to popular belief that suggests that something must be wrong with your hygiene routine that could have caused a yeast infection, other more plausible causes include an imbalance in the vaginal flora (the natural bacteria of the vagina), changes in diet, or even a heavy course of antibiotics. Lastly, even illnesses like diabetes and autoimmune disorders can put you at risk for infection. Yeast infections are often misconstrued as STIs, which they’re not most of the times. An extremely small percentage of these infections can be transmitted to the partner and it’s rarely the case.

What Are The Visible Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection?
Symptoms that you should be on the lookout for include a thick, almost cottage cheese-like white discharge along with itching either in a particular region or across the whole vulva. Other symptoms include a burning sensation while peeing, redness, sharp pain during sexual intercourse and swelling.

How To Treat A Yeast Infection?
If you have a recurrent yeast infection problem or definitely know that you have one presently, make use of the over-the-counter treatments available. Immediately, one can start with an intimate hygiene spray like the one Hi Life offers. With its unique Japanese formulation, it keeps the intimate area clean & infection-free. What’s more, is that it’s also gentle to the skin so it also keeps the pH level balanced down there.

Couple this with a vaginal suppository to get rid of the yeast infection at hand. A vaginal suppository is a solid medication that is inserted into the vagina with a special applicator. Meanwhile, keep your probiotic intake high. This means more yoghurt which is on probiotics, probiotic daily supplements and no vaginal douching in the shower. Lastly, if you have a case of a strong infection that isn’t going away, you should definitely talk to a gynaecologist for a stronger course of medication.

How To Prevent The Future Reoccurrence Of The Infection?
If you’ve had it once, you would know how painful it is to tolerate a yeast infection. In order to break the cycle of recurring yeast infections like Candida Albicans, you could get the Hi Life Intimate Hygiene Spray which is a 100% alcohol-free and kills 99.9999% germs. The spray also rids your vagina of any foul odours and more importantly helps nix itching and rashes which are major symptoms of yeast infections. Secondly, you could also get on a regular course of pro-biotic supplements for a while, this too helps keep the yeast infection at bay.

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