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‘Hi Life is revolutionizing luxury for essentials’

Hi Life exists to create a positive impact across personal care, health and well-being essentials shaping people’s lives across the world. Tailored to the changing everyday needs, we have introduced consciously developed products with organic & natural ingredients sourced from the best regions of the earth. Each creation of Hi Life is purpose-driven towards becoming a solution for day-to-day issues with everyday essentials and passion-driven to elevate the quality of life.

We strive to do the best for our society and our environment. We want to act on the social and environmental issues facing the world and we are working to enhance people’s lives with our innovative and high-quality products. We are driven by our purpose-led essentials delivering superior quality consistently and it is our ambition to become a  global brand from Indian soil.

‘Honesty is at the core of Hi Life’ 

We have developed a suite of best practice approaches which are based on real client needs and personal experiences. We have applied this experience and expertise to years of research and development to serve value for the desired quality.

Hi Life is an extension of its values, the products & the quality that we strive for. We are boldly outspoken and a strong reflection of the unique personas of our consumers. Sparing no efforts to be an organization which is led by the right set of values, benefiting humankind and being transparent to the core. Our mission is to empower people to push the boundaries of everyday self-care because nothing should make you compromise on your hygiene and wellness. 

Hi Life Founder Sanjiv Nischal Sakshi Nischal
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